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Hill Safety

Simple, basic things will keep you out of trouble: never skimp on your planning: match route to your capabilities and stamina; estimate the time required and connect this with what daylight hours are available, pay attention to the weather, be well kitted for all conditions – and don’t be afraid to turn back in any extremes; know how to map read and navigate; take sufficient food and drink with you.

If you do find yourself in need of mountain or cave rescue anywhere in the UK…

If you do find yourself in need of mountain or cave rescue anywhere in the UK…


Be prepared to tell them:  

  • your name and address.
  • the number of the telephone that you are ringing from, and any mobile phones in your party.
  • why you need help.
  • how many people are in your party.
  • where you are (preferably using a grid reference).
  • the weather at the incident site.
  • what survival equipment you have between you.
  • the registration of the vehicle you travelled in and where it is parked.

Once you have requested help follow exactly any instructions given to you. If told to stay where you are you must do so. If you move you risk losing any mobile phone signal and impeding any rescue team coming to help you.

Be self-reliant. Use these links to check out your safety essentials:

  • Sound mountain advice from the Mountain Rescue Council for England & Wales. If you’re interested in rescue statistics (we are) go to the annual reports for national analysis and trends
  • The wise are always aware of the local weather.
  • Safety and skills for climbers, hill walkers and mountaineers from the British Mountaineering Council. Excellent videos
  • Navigation and map reading for walkers from the

    of course. Good health and safety section

  • More hill navigation skills from a popular

    site, plus a plethora of related topics

  • Last but not least, check out what kit team members normally have in their own rucksacks

Going out in the Dales?
Mountain and Cave Rescue information leaflet.