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Interested in joining SMRT?

As a prospective Mountain Rescue Team member there are obviously some basic requirements; however, training is given in the specifics of search and rescue work. New members need to be proficient navigators in all weathers and at least experienced hill walkers with their own appropriate outdoor equipment and access to a vehicle. Preference to new members will be given to those who have basic rope skills (abseiling, knots and anchors) and a basic first aid qualification.

New members also need a strong desire to learn by attending a significant amount of training with the team, “the more you put into your learning experience the more you will gain”.

Being a team member is not a glamorous role; often it is cold, wet and tiring. Team members are unpaid and are on call 24 hours a day, though their attendance at an incident will depend on their own personal and work commitments. The team normally reacts to round thirty callouts per year. These callouts can occur at any time of day or night and are often spread randomly throughout the year.
Contact our Membership Secretary to register your interest. You will be sent a letter explaining the process and an application form. If your application is successful you will be invited to attend an interview, if you pass this stage of the process you will need to complete a half day hill/navigation assessment with an experienced team member.

The committee will review your application and hill assessment. Should you be successful you will be invited to join as a probationary member. You then have a maximum of two years to complete your training.

Once all the above criteria have been fulfilled you will be proposed for promotion to the status of full team member. Promotions can only be made by the majority decision of the SMRT committee. On promotion you will be placed on the callout list where your experience and confidence will be further developed and monitored.

There is currently a fairly long waiting list to start training with the team and this time can be used to broaden your outdoor experience, gain a first aid qaulifcation, learn rock climbing and rope skills or help out at one of our important fundraising events; all these will help with your application. The Swaledale Outdoor Club is a great place to broaden your experience and gain skills that will be needed as a Mountain Rescue team member.

If this has not put you off we’d be delighted to receive your application!