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March Trg 2017

Mar trg plan is as follows:   Wed 8th   -  Night Nav    Lead:  Dave T   Wed 15th  -  Medical Training Scenarios    Lead: Tim C   Wed 22nd  -  Committee Meeting   Sun 26th  -  In Water day (dependent on conditions) or Ropes   Leads: Rich H (Water),  Al W (Ropes)  

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Personal Accident Insurance

THE LATEST NYP PERSONAL ACCIDENT POLICY IS AVAILABLE TO VIEW. Note that under the current terms, the personal accident insurance cover provided by NY Police to team members does not extend to fundraising activities.  It does cover training and incidents.

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Hepatitis – B and Tetanus

Team members are reminded that it is very important to be immunised against these diseases which can be contracted from the nature of our Mountain Rescue activities. It is each team member's responsibility to make sure their immunity is up to date. Telling your GP that you need these for your work within the rescue [...]

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SMRT Publications Policy

The committee are developing a publications policy which will be available in the near future.  As an interim measure, please avoid the use of film or stills which contain casualties and are taken during incidents.  It is also requested that all team members take care in the choice of pictures and footage submitted for public [...]

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Drivers of Team Vehicles

Please note that all drivers are requested  to copy their current driving licence and pass it  to the Equipment Officers before driving SMRT vehicles.  You must also be over 25 years of age, and have the correct entitlements on your licence particularly when towing trailers.

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