Callout (8) 04/02/17 Search

06:00hrs: The team and Search Dog deployed to Hawnby in support of the continuing Cleveland MRT search.  With support from SRMRT, TWSRT and 6 SARDA England dog.  A Body [...]

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Callout (9) 04/02/17 Rescue

14:00hrs: The team were contacted by NYP control room to reports of an injured Kayaker below Kisdon Force.  Team members attended the casualty with YAS Paramedics and [...]

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Callout (7) 03/02/17 Search

06:00hrs: The team Search Dog was contacted by Cleveland MRT to assist with a search for a missing person in the Hawnby area of the North Yorkshire Moors.  The [...]

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Callout (6) 21/01/17 Search

04:30hrs: The team Search Dog and handler were requested to assist Cleveland MRT with the search for a missing male (39).  The team where then stood by [...]

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