Callout (16) 23/04/17 Search

20:00hrs: The team Search Dog and Handler were contacted by Calder Valley MRT and asked to assist with the search for a missing 80yr old male.  [...]

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Callout (15) 22/04/17 Rescue

04:45hrs: The team were called by UWFRA to assist with the rescue of an caver trapped underground in Swan Dike Pot.  As the teams experienced underground [...]

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Callout (14) 17/04/17 Rescue

13:35hrs: The team were called YAS control to assist with the rescue of an injured walker, who had slipped and banged her head.  The team responded [...]

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Callout (13) 14/04/17 Rescue

11:18hrs: The team were called to assist with the rescue of a one day old Lamb, that had falled down a sinkhole.  A small team responsed [...]

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