Callout (38) 14/08/17 Rescue

14:14hrs: The team were tasked to support Yorkshire Ambulance Service today, responding to reports of a male with lower leg injuries on a  riverside footpath close to East Scrafton.  Team medics were first on scene and assessed and stabalised the casualties lower limb, before a carry off to the waiting road Ambulance. 

Callout (37) 12/08/17 Search

09:00hrs: The teams provided support to the ongoing Search in the Cleveland Area.  With RAF Leeming MRT and Scarborough also turning out in supprt.  A SARDA England dog also deployed from the Dales.  The search was stood down on the discovery of a body in woodlan. 

Callout (36) 10/08/17 Search

16:30hrs: The teams Search Dog ‘Olly’ and handler were called out again to support the ongoing search with Cleveland MRT.  After 5 hours the search was stood down for the evening, while NYP continued with thier enquiries. 

Callout (35) 09/08/17 Search

20:30hrs: The teams Search Dog ‘Olly’ and handler were called out this evening in support of Cleveland MRT.  NYP were cocerned for a missing from home, the search focused in the Clay Bank area.  Cleveland had been training close to the site and deployed straight onto the area. 

Callout (34) 08/08/17 Rescue

15:16hrs: The team were contacted by YAS Control to support the resuce after a tractor with slurry tank had rolled down a step bank, near leighton reservoir.  Working with Fire, Ambulance HART and the Air ambulance.  the casualty was carried to the helicpter for transport to hospital.  Great Multi agency working.  

Callout (33) 05/08/17 Serach

15:55hrs: While supporting the ArdRock mountain bike event in Reeth.  The team were alerted and stood by to look for a young girl who had gone missing from the event.  As the team were preparing to conduct a search the missing girl was spotted by a member of the event staff on the course.